Heart Pulse Rate Monitor

An advanced application that can measure pulse rates of an individual with Smartphone without using any chest straps or external hardware. User simply has to place finger tip on his phone’s camera for turning the heartbeat monitor on for getting accurate pulse rate reading almost instantly. By knowing pulse rate, user can know the exact physical condition of his heart.

‘Know Your Heart’ user can measure pulse rate after a walk, run, after waking from sleep, before driving, physical workout, training, etc… for determining overall functioning of the heart as well as how his cardiovascular system is working especially during stressful conditions.

Heart Pulse Rate Monitor

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User can also keep a record of this mood after each measurement to know exact environment when the heart rate measurement was taken.

Our pulse rate measuring app is based on light infra rate and gives precise results to users at any time.

Here Is A List Of Some Important Benefits

1. ‘Know Your Heart’ is a totally user-friendly app
2. Can measure pulse rate with Smartphone’s camera
3. Get month-wise pulse rate history which lets you know your heart’s condition in a jiffy, without managing any paperwork.
4. Know your minimum and maximum pulse rates

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