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alexa light device is unresponsive

The message Device is unresponsive is shown for few secs. Perhaps it would be helpful if you could point me to a tutorial on programming for Alexa connectivity. Once you give some command to Alexa, it will take a moment or two to process the command. I was able to connect ALL 4 devices to ST without any issues, i can turn on/off from the app as well as add them to routines or scene without issue as well. Please test if it works normally with voice commands. Release the button once you see the red LED light. Select Other from list of brands mentioned. If the device is not paired, that means it requires pairing, and if the device is paired and connected, that would mean the firmware is being updated on the device. So, I also hit the issue where a device shows online in ST but Alexa thinks it’s offline. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner and compare Device software version to the latest release for your smart plug. These are … When a user gives any command, Alexa responds saying that ‘ I am having trouble connecting to the internet right now. I’ve had them working with my hub for almost a year, they’re connected directly to the hub and I’m using “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” device handler. Return to the Alexa app -> SMART HOME in the Alexa app. Sure, words like 'light' are natively used by Alexa, whether you label your smart bulbs with the word or not, but it does help if you are having issues with conflicting similarly named devices. Deleted the device from ST and re-added The Alexa system will attempt to find any available smart home devices and prompt you through setting them up. The devices still respond to voice commands. Alexa doesn’t understand me. When the message comes up you can not see the current state of the device. Alexa just stays- "lights are not responding.. check your internet connect.." Alexa can control the Philips Hue lights without any issues. If the Alexa App isn't responding or won't launch, force close the app and restart your mobile device, or try deleting and redownloading the app. Kind of hard to go “fiddle around” with Smartthing hub and devices when it appears to be working great! While holding the button, plug into an outlet. How do you change the device? Everything seems good to me here! Tap on DEVICES, scroll to the bottom, and tap DISCOVER. Swipe right to reveal menu or tap on menu button. Switch it back to the smart plug outlet DH and doesn’t work. Read More:-,, This is What Trump Always Wanted— And There’s Worse to Come, 3 Early Indicators That Your Relationship is Going To Be Hard, Statement of Congressman Jamie Raskin and Sarah Bloom Raskin on the Remarkable Life of Tommy Raskin, Widespread Coronavirus Variant Expected to Make Pandemic ‘Much, Much More Deadly’, Covid Catchup: All the Covid-19 Developments You May Have Missed, Scott Galloway’s 7 Business Predictions for 2021, 34 JavaScript Optimization Techniques to Know in 2021. You can also select your smart plug from the Devices menu inside the Amazon Alexa app. Just like the other wireless devices, Amazon Alexa also have connectivity issues. I have rebooted the hub I looked around for another DH to use but haven’t found one yet, so thinking about writing my own to see if it fixes the issue. Try to reboot the smart device and re-discover the device on Alexa. Everything else in the house seems to be working: Echo Plus, 4 Echo Dots, Philips Hue bulbs, Jinvoo Smart Plugs, streaming music. Try disabling and re-enabling the skill. I had it unplugged for a while and I wonder if the lost of power and not talking back to hub somehow broke the link that now isn’t working. ST Shows plug as online Did you … The light ring start flashing red instead of blue. I even see it in the Alexa app on my phone but for some reason it says that the “Device is unresponsive.”. Best cheap Alexa devices in 2021: From Wyze Bulbs to Echo Flex. A blue LED blinks when reset is complete. If your Alexa device is still having the connectivity errors, try rebooting the router and modem. Restart … Just like the other wireless devices, Amazon Alexa also have connectivity issues. In theory it shouldn't make any difference for Alexa. The first and foremost thing that you need to do if your Alexa device is being unresponsive is that you will need to check if it is compatible with the smart home hub that you are using. For plugs with lights, release the button once you see the LED light up. Any new lights will be added to your devices for Alexa to control. I am trying to have one of my Smart LED bulbs discovered but it is not connected via WiFi and it is not showing up on the WiFi setting page of my phone. Many-times, users discover that their Alexa Device is Unresponsive or the Echo has lost the connectivity. @AnimeshBote I am using a sort of virtual devices, too. Due to the black Friday deals as well as aesthetically pleasing design, i have purchased 4 additional plugs, however i purchased the “new” Samsung ST Plugs (Samsung SmartThings F-OUT-US-2 Outlet) However when i have Alexa turn on/off, Alexa tells me the device is unresponsive. The Alexa app discovers my other items I.E. I’m getting the gist here. Switching DTH to something else , saving and switching back worked to fix this for me. If … My bedroom lamp now isn’t working but was though. Tap on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. For example, if a bulb on Kasa is named “Little Bulb”, we can say “Alexa, turn on the Little Bulb” and check if Alexa … Tap on Skills & Games. To reboot the device, simply press the power button for 30 seconds. Alexa skill is unresponsive. The square plugs I have are originally Iris plugs. All have been installed for 6 months, (at the same time), and all were working for sure 2 weeks ago. Instead … Tap on Help icon (question mark) on top right corner. Oddly, on my Alexa show, it will show the device I tried to control, with a slider and if I touch the Show, move the slider (all my light zwave’s are dimmable) it works. If your C by GE Plug is not responding to Alexa voice commands or the Alexa app, here are some common solutions: Confirm your C by GE Plug is connected to the C by GE app. Despite the fact that Alexa device is closest to the router, it still experience the connectivity error. If it fails, then you can try to update the wifi settings. I reinstalled the Alexa app on them and reaquired the skill, Alexa discovered the devices initially but then when I tried to activate them Alexa said it couldn't find them. yankacy (jay yankacy) September 19, 2018, 10:04pm #1. Rerun discovery and see if voice control is restored. Reconnect your Amazon Smart Plug to Alexa in the Alexa app. Philips Hue White Ambiance bulbs connected directly to ST hub. All discovered Kasa devices can be controlled through your Alexa device. The Leviton app turns it on/off fine. Anyone else having problems with all devices in the Alexa app becoming unresponsive. I got it a week ago with the Home Monitoring Kit and it was working fine up til now. Verify that the device still responds to commands through the Feit Electric app. Have done the “disable”on Alexa, but doesn’t fix it. smarth things it works perfect. da1a0450-6b52-434c-8cda-3c55eb83578c 11:08:33 PM: error Outlet is offline Your wireless connection … However that doesn’t explain why the alexa app shows “device is unresponsive… If your Wyze devices are showing as unresponsive in the Amazon Alexa app, try the following troubleshooting steps: Open the Amazon Alexa app. The Hue bridge cannot find all my lights. You can select the device types and view what devices are discovered by Alexa. da1a0450-6b52-434c-8cda-3c55eb83578c 11:08:39 PM: debug handlePostV3 This will ensure that you are not trying to connect Alexa with some incompatible device and having some issues in return. You change it by editing the device type by going to your IDE. Alexa says it’s unresponsive. da1a0450-6b52-434c-8cda-3c55eb83578c 11:08:33 PM: debug handlePostV3, I’m having this same exact problem. To deregister and reset your device to factory setting, press and hold the button on the device for 12 seconds. I’m having the same issue with my Phillips Hue lights. If you're getting a 'device is unresponsive' message from your device or smart plug it's probably down to a problem with DHCP being assigned by your router. Short of resetting the Echo Plus, I’m at a loss. I have been using ST and Alexa now for a couple months. Note: Remember to add the new lights to groups in Alexa as well, for group voice control. I didn’t even have to do anything in Alexa to get it to work. Now, wait for another 3 to 5 minutes before you turn on the router. It’s been working fine until this morning. Move it closer to the router and see if this solves the problem. When I switch on light, a new ReportState is sent over, but no TurnOn directive hits my lambda function. I wonder what got changed as it worked fin for almost a year as it was, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Alexa displays device as unresponsive while ST shows the device is active, Alexa works but she thinks she doesn't (November 2017). Check if there are any Internet connection problems. Within HS3, they all work fine. If it does, the issue is with your Alexa smart product. Forgot all devices on Alexa and re discovered When telling alexa to turn on/off she says the device is unresponsive. Activate Alexa (usually, you can say "Hey Alexa"). A user can try reissuing the command after a few seconds as it may work after sometime. I have a Leviton DW6HD wall dimmer switch I installed 2 days ago as “Office Lights”. “square plug”. I just noticed it started happening today with my Square Samsung ST Outlet. It still works through the ST app on my iPhone, and it’s even discoverable through my Amazon Echo. The power button is present on the top of the Alexa. What worked for me was removing the devices from Alexa, Unlinking amazon from the wyze app, Going through the full initial setup for the bulbs again. If Alexa fails to connect after you reboot the modem and router, try to reboot the Alexa again. (ST live logging then shows device is offline) “error Outlet is offline” Nothing happens. Press and hold the button on the plug. da1a0450-6b52-434c-8cda-3c55eb83578c 11:08:47 PM: debug handlePostV3 Once I switched back to the OSRAM DTH, all my devices are working with Alexa again. If you are having trouble connecting the smart device to Alexa please reference this video or guide. I don’t see anywhere to do that in the Alexa App. Restart the … 2. 1. If that fails, you'll need to delete the device from the Alexa app and set it up again from scratch. (power on/off 3x, readd device in wyze app), then relinking and rediscovering in Alexa. Press and hold the button on the device for 12 seconds. Maybe Alexa is having issue with voice processing. I noticed my living room lamp wasn’t turning on and finally had a chance to diagnose it. I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with the latest Alexa App on IOS (2.2.235542.0) that randomly shows my Hubitat devices with the message "Server is unresponsive". I originally had the ST plug that came with ST HUB V2. "Alexa, ask RoboVac (robot name) to find my robot" Troubleshooting. I have 3 Iris plugs…all 3 work via Smartthings, but only 1 works with Alexa. I’ve disabled the switch in Alexa and re-enabled it a couple of times. yankacy … To me this is a case of high suspicion that Belkin changed something in their firmware which has caused Alexa to not be able to communicate with the devices … This is my first Leviton smart device. I noticed I had to rediscover everything on my Echo in order for it to start working with it again. Also, a user can try to reboot the device to fix this problem. There’s an option to reset your hub there as well as some other things to fiddle with your Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. Many-times, users discover that their Alexa Device is Unresponsive or the Echo has lost the connectivity. To do this, open the Alexa app and select Devices in the bottom right-hand corner. Go to Add Device; From the list of device types, Select Light. Third-party smart plugs: Unplug and wait 10 seconds. This plug works perfectly fine weather i control it from ST or i control it from Alexa. Ensure your Alexa app is up to date. This can happen when setting up if you … They were squirrely for about 30 minutes after, but then they settled in and … Resetting the hub helped get the SmartThings Outlet working and responding to my Alexa app and Echo Voice Commands. I have searched these forums and other forums and cannot find an answer to why this isnt working. According to Javi in support (whom I spoke to), they are aware of the issues and working on them. I had the exact same issue that started recently. 1 Like deckard2020 November 19, 2017, 8:40am #5 Alexa might seem to be unresponsive because your Echo is too far away from the router. After recent Alexa updates, bulbs were reported by Alexa as ‘unresponsive’. This is one of those “is it Alexa, or is it Smartthings”? Getting the “debug handlePostV3” from Alexa in the logs. When telling alexa to turn on/off she says the device is unresponsive. da1a0450-6b52-434c-8cda-3c55eb83578c 11:08:39 PM: error Outlet is offline Blip in wifi may cause interference from cordless phones, microwave, back-up beeper or other things that may create the ‘wifi noise’. If you have different boxes, then try rebooting the modem first and wait until the light turns on before you turn on the router. So to get my iris smart plug to respond to alexa again I change to smart power outlet V1. I am emulating a real device via API. If I switch back to the custom DH i originally used, it works again. Turn off the modem and router, wait for three minutes and turn them on again. Harmony hub, Ring and Yamaha Multicast. Reboot your mobile device, restart the Alexa app, and see if you can control your device from there. Why does the device’s status Show “Offline” on Alexa? Make sure the Alexa-enabled device is in Wi-Fi range. I’ve taken all the steps you’ve taken as well, but nothing’s worked. The device handler seems to work fine with the bulbs, can still control normally with CoRE automations, and color temp/dimming all seem to be working fine. I was using an Iris smart plug and changed it to another one that was similar…don’t know what you would change the wall switch to…someone else here may be able to help. Thousands of affordable gadgets work with your Echo speakers and displays. Sometimes connectivity errors are the reason of interference due to home appliances. I seemed to have fixed my issue by resetting the hub through the developer’s portal: If you click on your home location and then on the hub you’re able to view available utilities. That works perfectly, didn’t realize ZLL was a device handler I could use. Blue light spinning for a moment or two. As of yesterday, 1/2/2016, it just stopped working. In the IDE go Into the device and edit the device handler. I’m wondering if the recent Firmware update had anything to do with it. Launch Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. 2. ST can turn on/off the plug I understand C and programming concepts like writing a DBMS, operating systems and other mainframe constructs. Seems to be back up and running now. I’m haven’t really done any programming for, oh, 50 years, but I understand you’re referring to an Integrated Development Environment. In my case, it is something to do with switching over from the OSRAM RGBW custom DTH to the local Zigbee RGBW DTH (in order to take advantage of local processing). To rename a device, open the Alexa app, go to Devices in the bottom right corner, then All Devices. I was able to work around this by changing the device type to ‘ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb’ and then having Alexa forget and re-discover the Hue bulbs (I was only able to get Alexa to ‘forget’ from the full web UI, not the phone app). My internet connection is fine and lights turn off and on via Lutron App, however does not work with Alexa … (ST live logging then shows device is offline) “error Outlet is offline” Nothing happens. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question,” can … so how do iI fix my plug that is now unresponsive. What is going on? Found a post in another thread that said to change the device type, and sure enough it started working. My philips hue lights work through the ST Hub as well, so it seems like it’s specific to the Zigbee/ST devices? Say "Discover My Devices". Still no joy. Do NOT tap on Discover devices yet. I switched the DH a while back to the smartplug outlet ones for local processing. I tried disabling and deleting all devices. Has been working great forever. Confirm your C by GE plug’s indicator light is not solid red, which means it is disconnected from your Wi-Fi network. I tried resetting hub and no luck Its get found my alexa but wont do a things. Avoid Potential Errors During Setup Setting up most Alexa-compatible and Amazon-branded smart devices … So, are you referring only to routines you write to control your smart devices or is there somewhere I can find a list of programs I can access? What do I do if Alexa fails to discover my devices? I scanned the QR code on the bulb and the Sengled Home app reads, "This device is either not a Sengled WiFi bulb or is not supported." Listen carefully to what Alexa says and respond with the information for your device.

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